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This past weekend, Paltrow was speaking at a Pearl x Change event hosted by Nicole Richie when she was asked what in her life didn’t turn out the way she had anticipated.“My marriage,” Paltrow answered bluntly, according to , even though she could have easily offered any vague, generic reference to a failed film project or Goop recipe.

Instead, she explained, “I am from a tribe of people who stay married.

My parents stayed married until my dad died.”“I really don’t come from a culture of divorce at all, and I had very high hopes for what my life could be,” she said of her marriage, which lasted 10 years and produced two children, daughter Apple and son Moses.“I think that it was very difficult for me that I couldn’t do that and that I wasn’t able to be married to the father of my children for the rest of my life,” she continued.

I lay on the floor of my apartment in London and I thought, 'I'm not going to survive this.' And he just picked me up and he was so loving and patient through all my grieving."After announcing their separation in March, Paltrow said that their relationship is "always a moving, amorphous thing" as they remain a huge part of each other's lives."It's painful, it's difficult, it might be easier to say, 'I never want to see you again', but what good does that do anyone? The Iron Man actress announced that they were "consciously uncoupling" in March 2014.The 'choir' started with my two kids coming in after school and recording.We recorded Blue Ivy Carter in New York when her mom Beyoncé was in the studio.After the event, the former Oasis frontman called out his older brother Noel Gallagher for not showing up alongside him!Video: Police Officer Dances With Kids At 'One Love Manchester' The What an incredible night honoring the lives lost in Manchester on May 22.

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Regardless of who coined it, though, the ill-fated annulment euphemism suggested an air of superiority—as if the actress and her husband were so evolved and advanced in understanding relationship matters, that, well, they had the sophisticated lexicon to prove it.