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When updating bios what is important

Next simply navigate to the folder containing your BIOS files and run Startup. Follow the on screen commands to update the system’s BIOS, BMC, ME, & FRU/SDR as necessary.Restart the system once complete using the front panel and verify the changes have taken effect.* the file names will vary with and BIOS version, but the format will be the same.In the following figure, you can see the list of changes in two BIOS updates for the ABIT NF7-S motherboard.Figure 1.3 Details of BIOS updates for the ABIT NF7-S motherboard. Used with permission.) As you can see, the bug fixes and feature enhancements are both numerous and important. The process of updating the BIOS can be summarized in the following steps: Before you update your BIOS, it's best to find out what version of BIOS you are currently using.It's an interesting question that I hadn't really thought about before.We certainly go to great lengths to stress how important it is to keep your system software up to date with the latest patches and the like.It's a giant list, so search for your motherboard model by name to jump to it. Download the free utility CPU-Z to find out, or just boot into your BIOS, where you'll want to do the update, anyway.

I just updated/upgraded my computer this past February. There are a couple items from my older computer also.

And the drivers motherboard vendors offer may also help with hardware compatibility, if Windows Update doesn't download them by default.

Download the correct BIOS revision from Intel’s support website and decompress it to a local folder.

All BMC files will start out as BMC_i_..., so typing that in and hitting tab will make the correct file selected, same applies to the ME and BIOS files.

When flashing the BIOS manually, please remember to rename the BIOS file (in the above case, You don't necessarily have to change the current BIOS file name, you can also just have two copies of the same file, one with Rec and one without.

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new support driver versions and system bios update really that important if my notebook is running fine? Hi, For general updates to drivers and software, I would agree with your approach - if everythings working well, why bother updating.

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