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What women wish men knew about dating

Seeking a Christian girlfriend shrinks the field of available women. Finding a perfect match is tough enough, but the odds are even worse when you expect her to have a relationship with Christ.This results in a sense of urgency when a Christian man meets a woman he'd like to ask out. He finds the equivalent of a winning lottery ticket but doesn't know how to cash it in.If you fulfil the following 15-point wish list, you should be a serious woman-magnet. A little bit goes a long way, but too much kills your sex appeal. Paying for dinner does not buy you a sex pass She’ll love it if you buy her dinner.She may even be very keen on you after one or two dates.What I really like about this book is that it doesn't dive right into dating and how to get a girlfriend.It starts at the very beginning: differentiating men from boys, and the rest of the book plays out on the premise that men can handle dating and relationships. (Amen.)This is a book that I wish I could buy and give out to every single male friend I have.

If after dinner she wants to head home, be chivalrous. Sex on a first date is a minefield If she does sleep with you, it doesn’t mean she’s “easy”; it probably means that she really likes you. If you do it and then never contact her again, she’ll think it’s her fault. It’s one of the best clues that a woman really likes you.

You might think it's because of sexual purity issues, but it's not just that. Questions about morality, theology, worship, intimacy, and God's will get involved.

Relationships are hard enough for men that don't care about this kind of stuff. Also, non-Christian guys don't care as much about a woman's relationship with God.

Despite the odds against you, dating can become easier. Yes, there are couples for whom everything comes naturally.

They have perfect communication, they're happy all the time, and they knew they were destined to be with each other from the instant they met.

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