Updating the assembly version date time

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Updating the assembly version date time

Summary One of the things that will most surprise Visual Basic 6.0 developers moving to Visual Basic . Without these two items, you'll need to learn new ways to set and retrieve the version number of a Visual Basic . This module contains settings for assembly attributes, the Microsoft . Among these you will find such items as the title, description, and company name to be used in the final executable or file created from this project.NET is the absence of version information from the Project menu's Properties item. The Assembly module also contains a line that sets the version number.So, in the first phase I was a bit sceptic about the rise of yet another build system, but I clearly saw some interesting advantages which are explained in the post by Colin.One disadvantage of the xaml build system is the steep learning curve to master the customization process and also the deployment mechanism to refresh the TFS build controller(s).

Actually the date isn't fixed from the MSDN page: "The result of this is a build number set to the number of days since a random, designated start date and the revision based on the number of seconds since midnight." in reflector, you will see it's not doing anything at all, just accepting the string.Along the way I developed a number of generic activities which I could reuse for other assignments and I really knew my way around in the build workflow.In many cases, the TFS Build Extensions were used to not reinvent the wheel.This will cause revision to be equal to the number of seconds since midnight local time, divided by 2.Function Assembly Build Date(By Val a As Reflection. Version Dim dt As Date Time If force File Date Or Else (v.

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Assembly, _ Optional By Val force File Date As Boolean = False) As Date Time Dim v As System. Build Be careful when relying on version to predict build date in Visual Studio . For some reason, the IDE does not update the build number every time you build a solution.

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