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Updating a house of tomorrow

Truthfully, the house probably didn't really work for them in the first place.Older homes in this region rarely have mudrooms or kitchens that accommodate the entire family and the bathrooms are small.Work is taking place more and more in the home, so home office space is often a necessity.The long-term needs aren't that different from today's needs, so we have to guide our clients in how to get to the heart of what features are going to make the home functional and anticipate things like the fact that their little kids are going to turn into big kids.While weekend 2 is still in question, we can speculate that this year will be one of the events not to miss. Renovations are often undertaken to suit a growing family, but those needs change before we know it.

PHOTOS: Grammy Awards 2012 Red Carpet Arrivals Vying for the top award, album of the year, will be Adele ().Can you actually design for transitions such as kids growing up?IN 2005, when Theodore and Susan Pound first saw the house they would end up buying in the Buckhead neighborhood here, it had been for sale for a year, even as properties around it sold within weeks.We would also be willing to coordinate a briefing for your organization while you visit Washington, DC!Tomorrowland has announced that each day they will be releasing 3 new artists to their lineup for one of the most celebrated festivals of the year.

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They signed a contract within three months, paying $1.15 million for the four-bedroom, 5,500-square-foot house and nearly four acres of land, knowing they'd be spending plenty more in the months to come.

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