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Come into harmony in all parts of your life to create the life you LOVE!

It involves: Increasing your mindfulness Discovering your true desires Aligning your desires with actionable steps Cultivating harmony in all parts of your life It’s about finding harmony in your communication with others and yourself, alignment in your work and personal life, …

In 2006, he starred as FBI negotiator Matt Flannery in the Fox series Standoff, co-starring Rosemarie De Witt, and he was an ad spokesman for Sprint Nextel.

He graduated Yale University with a double major in Theater and English.

One of his first prominent roles was in the 1996 comedy Swingers, where he played a supporting role to Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau.

In fact, I don't think she ever really had any aspirations or intention to preach, really. She had been doing a lot of grief counseling before going to the seminary.

I think what she found was that she could just touch the surface, but then past a certain point, they always want it to be a clergyperson.

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