Quiet dating ideas

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Just like your wedding day, your silver anniversary is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

A pleasant alternative to exploring Takayama's old town on foot is getting pulled through the streets on a rickshaw. Small samples of sake can be purchased at some breweries.

Russia has expanded its supplies of gasoline to the North, Go said, while cautioning that Moscow’s support is unlikely to make up for what Beijing supplies.

Trade between China and North Korea continues to dwarf the economic relationship between North Korea and Russia.

Here are a few themed 25th anniversary party ideas: Since the 25th anniversary is the silver anniversary, why not host a silver party?

Send silver invitations, decorate the venue with silver decor, and don the bride in a silver dress.

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Also known as the Hida Archeology Museum, the Hida Minzoku Kokokan is one of the old buildings along Sannomachi Street.