Losing interest dating

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Losing interest dating

Sometimes men are on the dating scene prowling and not looking for anything serious.

If you had some good chemistry he might contact you on occasion just to check in but odds are he’s on the prowl again looking for another chance to hookup.

However, there should always be a sense of fun in life—especially with your partner.

Excitement and laughter are essential elements of any great relationship.

At a certain point in life men are looking for a specific type of woman that he can build a future with.

Let’s face it, life does set in at some point post-honeymoon-phase.I really hope it doesn't have a chronic your age, you haven't had enough experience to really know if this is a problem.the infatuation and initial lust always tapers away. take a chill pill Maybe it's when I spend too much time with them at the start of the relationship.Keep things fun, make time for laughter, always continue to ‘date’ her and create memorable shared experiences.Habitual routine can be the killer of dreams and certainly the killer of romance.

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There you are, price cruising along the relationship highway with the beautiful woman you’ve snagged, when suddenly, you grind back to second gear.

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