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The city has not experienced a so-called 100-year flood since 1894, and a 2004 report from the University of Colorado, Boulder, ranked its home town as a flooding disaster waiting to happen, noted the .

The University of Colorado, local school districts and businesses closed for the day.

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With the influx of information inundating the finance function, today’s CFO is tasked with the need to sort through the data to obtain an agile view of the future and maintain a competitive advantage.

In addition to traditional responsibilities, the need to streamline financial consolidation, reporting, budgeting and forecasting in a complex economic landscape has become increasingly necessary to the modern finance organization.

In the past few days, Boulder received a record-breaking 9.6 inches of rain as of Thursday afternoon, and it is still falling—an unusual sight for an area that boasts 350 days of sunshine a year. Vrain River flooding over its banks this morning in Longmont, a town of about 87,700 located 15 miles northeast of Boulder, noted he had never seen the water come close to these levels in his 51 years living in the area.

Runners, accustomed to uninterrupted miles of trail far above the St.

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