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Malvo then does his usual thing and threatens him and his children with a story about how dangerous the world is, to which the neighbor replies with a strange expression I did not understand: Neighbor: There it is, now the truth comes out. Neighbor: (says something like "Seyirim") Malvo: You're a nice guy.

Malvo: You know, some people think you don't need alarms on second-story windows. (rolls up his window and drives away) What does the neighbor say and what meaning has it?

According to multiple sources (here's one of them), the neighbor Ari Ziskind, an Orthodox Jew, says "Se'irim", a Hebrew word for Demon, probably in response to Malvo's malevolence and veiled threats.

Ari also says that Malvo's black eyes spell trouble, so there might be a hint of mystical Jewish intuition going on there.

"We were all at dinner the other night and I caught my boyfriend texting my brother...maybe it's like they're intimidating each other on text message.

An Appalachian couple is delighted when their neighbors return home after mysteriously disappearing for ten years.

But they've changed, for the worse, unleashing a campaign of endless intimidation and harassment that ultimately ends in a bloodbath.

The Streamnotes post included a 30-album wild-ass guess at what a mid-year critics poll list might look like, with my grades for the 27 albums I had checked out.

I've since added the 3 I had missed, so the top-30 grade curve looks like this: That's still pretty left-shifted from normal, but note I decided to include Jens Lekman and Magnetic Fields (both Christgau picks) instead of artists with more supporting data such as Ryan Adams, Julie Byrne, Alex G, and/or Harry Styles.

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This starlet doesn't mind a little intimidation for her new beau.